Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jaret Sites - Week 2 HW

Sci-fi/Red Riding Hood
It's the year 2125. During Red's childhood, Red went by a different name and lived happily with her parents in the mid-level district of her city. Red was an adventurous rebellious sort who used to be fascinated with the relics of the old world before the urban jungle sprawled and replaced the ancient green with steel, concrete, and glass. She would sometimes go out from home through a secret path to scavenge in the slums of the city's lower level district with the local children for sentimental trinkets that had worn away over the years. These were anomalies in the new world but she cherished them and accepted them like they were a timeless treasure. One day when she was still a child, her parents were killed by a gang leader and his pack of thugs after they breached the mid- level district. Red survived the onslaught and became an orphan and was then adopted by an elderly woman who called herself Red's grandmother. She took good care of Red in her home unit in the slums of low-level district, and tried to make her forget about her troubled past. Red's grandmother gave her her adored red riding hood as a welcoming gift. It was a blood red hood that symbolized the link between family, a promise from the elderly woman to love Red as her own blood related kin. Red, however, never forgot about her parents and the cruelness of the world that killed them. Red vowed to protect the only family she has left, her grandmother, no matter the cost, even if it put her own life at risk. She developed a strong sense of justice because of that. As she grew up in the slums, Red's personality hardened and she grew stronger yet more cynical. In the modern day Red is 26 years old. She has a light youthful complexion, short dark brown hair, and green hazel eyes. Her ethnicity is unknown. She's 5'8" with an athletic build. She wears a dark skin tight full body suit with tactical gloves and boots with flexible light armored plating customized to fit to her augmented body. Red wears her worn red riding hood for her outerwear even in her adult years. She almost never takes it off and usually conceals her weapons underneath. Red wields a small variety of military grade equipment holstered on her suit. Her most useful weapon is her own body which is augmented for combat, stealth, and mobility. She gets most of her equipment and augmentations from underground connections in the slums formed from her former history as a political activist. She once belonged to a faction that revolted against the supreme government in an effort to balance the power dynamic of the city and its citizens to buff the fight against crime but failed to make an impact. After they failed, the group disbanded and now all Red can do to make the world a better place is to keep the peace on her local streets through more aggressive means in a crooked city where gang bangers rule the low-level district and oppress the common people to get ahead. Now Red has taken the role of a merciless vigilante because sometimes the only way to hunt a big bad wolf is to become a big bad wolf yourself.

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