Friday, April 1, 2016

Grace Kim - Week 5 HW

Character Introductions

We look into the childhood of our protags, Sun and Aya, as it pans through a beautiful and peaceful garden. The peace is shortly lived however because we see both siblings burst through a door running away in fear but at the same time in innocent laughter at the recent prank they have just pulled on the head servant. HS chased them out with a stick in hand threatening to tell their father of what has occurred while standing there dripping wet, ah the good ol bucket trick. Both of them laugh off their latest escapade till something catches Aya’s eye, a ghost like baby animal playfully egging them on to follow it into the nearby forest. Sun is weary of following but Aya insists and although Sun is older, Aya is the head child so she follows her lead. They playfully try to catch the animal until it leads them towards a cave? Abandoned cottage? Tits idk man but the kids don’t think too much about it until they realize the animal is gone. They are then hovered over by a dark entity and are then kidnapped into said area. Pans into them being locked into separate cages and one of them sassing the other like “Y’know, when you said it would be fun I didn’t expect you to bring demons into it” Realize that the evil spirit that wants to possess Aya as a host to become a demon and eat Sun to become stronger. They both start brainstorming and coming up with ways to outsmart the spirit and realize that it is still bound to a totem and that they should destroy it to escape.Sun antagonizes the spirit till it takes her out of her cell and threatens to kill her right then and there while Aya breaks out of her cell and sneaks towards the totem and stabs it. Spirit is in pain and goes to attack Aya until Sun jumps on it to give Aya time to finish it off. Zooms out to them leaving the demon’s lair with a resolve to rid of all evil spirits.



  • We get the whole backstory of them as kids and why they decided to become demon hunters (look at character introduction)
  • Time jump and now they are older and mother send them go off to learn from Sun’s biological father who they heard is actually an infamous slayer himself.
  • Both of them reach Sun’s father’s place of residence in a trading city near the ocean. He has a giant family of his own now as well but recognizes Sun as his daughter. He tests them on their resolve to slay demons.
  • Become notorious sibling demon slaying duo over the years, cleansing dark spirits and killing demons and witches.
  • Soon they are called to help slay the King of Demons, the first demon created who has been awoken from his eternal slumber from a buncha witches or something.
  • Siblings try to destroy the source of the King Enma’s connection to the earth. Fail and retreat when other slayers are destroyed in process as well.
  • Uh. HM.

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