Monday, November 28, 2016

Richard Peraza - Week 8 HW

My dream job has always been to work in the gaming industry, whether it is 3D modeling, texturing, concept art, animation, graphic design, rigging, editor, story, design, VFX art, etc.  There is too many job too choose from and they’re all really fun and can create such amazing work, but my favorite job I have the most fun would be 3D modeling.  I love everything when it comes to 3D modeling as well as texturing, rigging, VFX, and animating it.  I mostly done 3D modeling and texturing, but so far I have little experience in rigging, VFX, and animation.  They’re fun but I feel I need to work on a big project involving rigging, VFX, and animation to truly understand what it take to work on those position.  The more I know, the better chance on landing my dream is what I always believe. 

I understand that in game art there is a character and environment emphasis.  I’ve done drawings on character and enviroment but I haven’t done much in modeling on those emphasis.  Mostly I just model props so I still haven't decided yet on what emphasis to go for.  What always get me pump up in inspiration is looking at those reel video like the one on Blur Studios reel from their website.  Other in games, I also wanted to model for these cinematic reel, whether it's for games or movies. 

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