Monday, November 28, 2016

Sebastian Kings - Week 8 HW

I don’t have a particular job I want, or dream company I want to work for. Make no
mistake - I’m absolutely dedicated to learning the skills I need to succeed in the game industry -
but I’d rather follow my enthusiasm and take whichever opportunities present themselves, rather
than pigeon-hole myself into one role in one company that I ultimately might not be happy with.
I’m fortunate enough to have parents who are supportive and understand the value of
design, so to them I am indebted. With their support, I’ve been able to practice drawing for as
long as I can remember - and I continue to do so. No matter what I end up doing - concept, 3D,
storyboarding, whatever it is - I want to have impeccable drawing skills. I don’t leave home
without a sketchbook, and I make sure to draw every day, from both life and imagination. I see
no other way to bring my skills to a professional level.
Using these 2D skills, I’ve made mobile games with a friend of mine, who is an
incredibly skilled programmer. Together we’ve released Storm the Beach and Pocket Squadron ,
and I’ve found that I deeply enjoy creating games from a wholistic angle - working with people
from different skill sets, and thinking of how a game’s mechanics, art direction, and sound
design work together - rather than only working on a narrow part of the game development
pipeline. This is definitely something I want to continue doing, since these games have been an
absolute blast to make, and are financially successful.
It’s too early for me to say if I should work at a small startup, AAA studio, or focus on
creating my own games with my best friend - but I have complete confidence that between my
abilities as an artist, work ethic, and the network of extraordinary alumni, students, and teachers
I’ve met at LCAD, I will launch into a successful career in the game industry.

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